Clearing the weeds and muck from out of your lake or pond has never been easier, or safer.

Many homeowners believe that you need to hire someone, buy expensive equipment or use toxic chemicals to get rid of seaweed and other aquatic plants and enjoy the water. 

Now, you don't have to do any of that. Thanks to our breakthrough designs, clearing even large areas of the lake bed is fast, safe for the environment and can be used without any training.

It's never been simpler to swim seaweed-free.

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It's a lot of hard work though, right?

Our founder Scott demonstrates how the Surf and Sand Rake can make clearing lake weeds out of your pond quicker than you might have thought possible.

It's simple - and safer than you'd think.

Aquatic Weed Tools make what used to be back-breaking work easy, with unprecedented protection built-in to make it safer than ever before.

If it floats and there's a lot of it, the Dock Weed Rake is all you need.


If it has roots, the Dock Weed Knife cuts weeds off at the surface or the lakebed. 

If you're just clearing a small dock area, or you want to clear the shore or a beach, the Surf and Sand Rake does the job in record time.

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What about the environment?

Clearing invasive plants out without herbicide is the best thing you can do for your lake.

Nearly every state in the USA lets you clear weeds from your pond, dock or lake without a permit too. Learn more.

Invasive plants lower property values, kill friendly plants and wildlife and spread everywhere if you don't carefully clean your boat, clothes and fishing gear every time.

Even if the plants you're clearing aren't invasive weeds, they still can decompose into noxious chemicals like sulfuric acid, harming plants and animals and speeding the aging of wood and metal.

Save your property and swim hassle-free this summer.

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