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Louisiana Aquatic Weed Removal

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

There's an artificial pond on my property in Louisiana, and it's overrun with weeds. What can I do to clear it out?

Parrotfeather plant
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Oh boy! A lot. From what we can tell, there's not a lot of regulation that keeps you from doing whatever you want! Read on for more details.

What should I concerned about?

There are at least 11 documented invasive seaweed species in the state of Louisiana. It's best to take care of them early and often, so if you're starting to show signs of them appearing it's time to take action today.

Species List:

  • Alligatorweed

  • Common Salvinia

  • Egeria

  • Eurasian Water-Milfoil

  • Giant Salvinia

  • Hydrilla

  • Parrot Feather

  • Peruvian Water Grass

  • Torpedo Grass

  • Water Hyacinth

  • Water Lettuce

Invasive seaweed is difficult to control and can destroy entire ecosystems, killing local fish and other native plants. It can clog up your boat motor, attract mosquitoes and other insects, spreads quickly and lowers property values. Some even cause property damage by giving off corrosive gases when they decompose.

All it takes to have a fun swimming season and keep your boat from getting worn out too soon is a rake, a cutting tool and a little elbow grease. Invite a couple friends over, have a few beers... be out on the water by sundown.

I heard there might be some laws I need to follow. Do I need a permit?

We encounter people with misconceptions of questions about the law out at trade shows all the time, so we sifted through the various laws and departments to make it easier for you. Laws can change and we’ll update these guides as quickly as possible. As always, you should contact your local office of the Department of Environmental Quality or Department of Natural Resources for advice on your exact situation.

Note: AquaticWeedTools is not a law firm. As such, AquaticWeedTools does not provide legal advice. The material in this guide does not constitute legal advice nor does contributing to the guide or communicating with AquaticWeedTools or other contributors about the guide create an attorney-client relationship.

The State of Louisiana lets you remove the weeds in your pond, lake or dockside without a permit. In fact, we couldn't find any situations where you need one if you're just thinking about using mechanical tools. If you like being able to do what you want with your land without a lot of oversight from the government, this seems to be the way to go. (Chemicals are a different story!) Interesting history lesson: Early attempts to combat aquatic weeds centered on such equipment as mechanical harvesters, shredders, dredgers and cutters. By 1910, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was operating specially constructed, steam-powered saw boats in Louisiana!

What should I use to clean up the pond on my property?

The Aquatic Weed Rake from Prime Waters Manufacturing is designed to clear pesky weeds out with minimal effort, and safe enough to be used by any contractor or anyone in the family.

For Louisiana waters, we recommend using the Dock Weed Rake and Dock Weed Knife, and the Surf/Sand Rake to remove them once you're done cutting them down. Simply dispose of them like you would yard debris, compost them or there are companies you can hire to haul them away.

Sources and Useful Links:

Having a clear pond all summer has never been so easy and safe for your family. If you have any questions at all, reach out to us. Our experts are ready to help!

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