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The 20" Surf/Sand Weed Rake is


  • Lightweight
  • Removes floating and dead vegetation
  • Effortless weed removal
  • Aluminum handle
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!


This aquatic weed tool is lightweight and makes lifting weeds from the water or shoreline effortless. No more awkward bending! Use supplied floats for over the water floating weeds or remove the floats for submerged or dead vegetation. You will find it useful for removing floating debris around docks and boat slips such as bottles, garbage, floating weeds, and dead fish. Because of the design, you will find it just as useful for cleaning up the sand beach and much easier to use! 


This fully assembled commercial-grade tool includes an aluminum handle with a 10’ reach, with tempered spring steel fines to make sure it lasts for years and years. You might even want to include it in your will... it will be here for years and years to come!

20" Surf and Sand Rake

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