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The Dock Weed Rake is:


  • Lightweight, only 4.5 pounds!
  • Cuts and removes all soft stem aquatic weeds
  • Effortless weed removal
  • 18 foot handle
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!


This aquatic weed tool is lightweight and will cut and remove all soft stem aquatic weeds from around your dock, swimming areas or backyard pond. The tool is designed to be used from the dock but can also be used from the shoreline or wading in the water. The Dock Weed Rake will pick up and collect all of the cut weeds and unloads effortlessly (no tangles). 


This commercial-grade tool is sold fully assembled, includes 18-foot aluminum handle with an optional shallow water adapter.


Dock Weed Rake

  • Dock weed rake is designed to be used from your dock or shoreline extending out with its 18ft handle. 

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