Weeds don't stand a chance with the 24" Dock Weed Knife!


This aquatic weed tool is extremely durable and works well even on the most dense aquatic weed growth. This tool will cut all weeds in its path as quickly as you can push and pull this stainless steel double edge knife through the water because of the design it never loads up with weeds. The Dock Weed Knife is sold with an 18 foot aluminum handle and can be used on the dock or in the water.

The Dock Weed Knife is sold with a 400 series stainless steel blade can easily be removed and sharpened and an 18foot aluminum handle fully assembled -just attach handle.

Dock Weed Knife

  • The 24" Weed Knife is the ultimate weed cutting. Blades can be sharpened and replacement blades can be purchased separately.