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Ohio Aquatic Weed Removal

A friend of mine told me I needed government approval to clear my shore of aquatic weeds. Is that true? Only if you are using poisons or...

New York Aquatic Weed Removal

Do I need to hire a company to get rid of the seaweed on the shore of my nearby lake? You can, but you don't have to. There are a number...

Louisiana Aquatic Weed Removal

There's an artificial pond on my property in Louisiana, and it's overrun with weeds. What can I do to clear it out? Oh boy! A lot. From...

Georgia Aquatic Weed Removal

Georgia's aquatic weed removal laws vary from district to district. Learn about which agencies to contact and what plants are invasive.

Florida Aquatic Weed Removal

Florida makes it really easy to clean up your lake shore with a rake and cutting tool, without a bunch of permits and inspections. Learn abo

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